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St Edward's School

Celebrating 60 Years: St Edward's School Lays Commemorative Mosaic

St Edward's School unveiled a stunning mosaic to mark its 60th anniversary in celebration of history, community, and education. This beautiful artwork is a testament to the school's enduring legacy and a vibrant symbol of its commitment to fostering creativity, unity, and a sense of belonging among pupils and staff.

St Edward's School has grown and evolved, adapting to society's changing needs while maintaining its core values. The mosaic project is a fitting tribute to this journey, capturing the essence of the school's rich history and future.

The commemorative mosaic will be a lasting, interactive piece of art that will engage the entire school community. Pupils and staff contributed to the design and creation process, making it collaborative.

The mosaic design draws inspiration from the school's emblem. Under the guidance of Fran, Head of the Art Department, the mosaic took shape over several months. Each section of the mosaic tells a story, with tiles added by the school community. It provided a unique opportunity for different generations of the St Edward's community to come together, share memories, and create new ones.

The mosaic now graces the back lawn of St Edward's School, where everyone will see it. It serves as a daily reminder of the school's history, the collective efforts that have shaped its identity, and the future ahead.


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