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St Edward's School

St Edward's Scool, Hapshire early morning.




The Bridge is a specialist provision within St Edward’s that has created a space outside of the wider school that can be accessed by pupils at any time during their academic journey. It is a positive, empathic space where experienced therapists, specialist coaches and teachers spend time with pupils on a one to one or small group basis addressing pupils needs.

Pupils can access The Bridge at various points in their journey through the school, the three main times are: 


Staff supervision 

Parent support work 

Sensory integration  

Social Thinking!

Zones of Regulation 


Pupil running through the school orchard.


The school is focused on ensuring an effective, phased transition for pupils into the school and so a tailored  programme gives pupils the  chance to spend time being familiarised with the school day, the staff and the common language used throughout the school and for further investigative assessments if necessary. Therapists create an information packed Pupil Passport during this time which then offers all staff the opportunity to know and understand a pupil’s needs and support strategies as soon as they arrive into the wider school. 

Artwork inside the Bridge.


This is a timely provision focused around prevention for those demonstrating difficulties in the wider school.  It is offered at any time a pupil should need it.  In-Reach offers 1:1 bespoke programmes that are planned in conjunction with the senior leadership team, therapists and teachers that are responsive to each pupil with an emphasis on building relationships with trusted adults over time that then allow for more supportive work. 

Counselling room at the Bridge onsite at St Edward's School.



Offered to pupils who have direct therapy needs as per their EHCP plan or via referrals from school staff/parents or carers or as result of assessment. This can be in the form of Speech and Language therapy, Occupational therapy, Anger Management, CBT based mindfulness and behaviour analysis carried out by our consultant Clinical Psychologist.  All therapists are fully qualified and experienced within their field.  Support may be given in one to one sessions, integrated into classroom strategies or through staff led interventions.




St Edward's School has an onsite Occupational Therapist.

‘The school’s therapy team ensures that each child is seen as a whole person, rather than focusing solely on their educational needs.’ 

Ofsted 2021

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