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St Edward's School




Every opportunity for learning is maximised. We instil a culture of high expectations while also celebrating successes continually to provide all pupils with the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Enrichment sessions are offered to extend pupils' general knowledge and understanding. Pupils’ emotional and social needs are constantly supported, monitored and developed with staff. This is all underpinned by very strong relationships that are established and maintained between staff and pupils across the school. This helps to enable pupils to achieve and succeed, growing and developing in all areas.



"Bringing the best out in you."

Creative learning.


Eden at St Edward’s School provides a nurturing and calm learning environment for pupils who require a bespoke and tailored approach. The curriculum focuses on three main areas: Literacy, Numeracy, and Life Skills, with a holistic blend of all topics designed to grow a love for learning. Pupils receive support with their social communication and self-esteem through spending most of their time with the same teacher in the same class, with subject specialists teaching the creative arts. Eden's environment is modelled on the Hygge, Montessori, and Forest School ethos, where the school creates a homely environment to build a feeling of safety, love, and acceptance. Pupils spend a vast amount of their time exploring the woodland during their Forest School sessions, which are designed to build confidence, safe risk-taking, fine motor skills, and social interaction, to prepare them for their next steps in the school.


The curriculum in Lower school is designed to be broad and balanced specifically for the needs of our Year 5 to Year 8 pupils at its core. Our pupils come to us with a range of educational experiences and pre-dispositions that we are able to accommodate and work with through our tailored groupings. Pupils spend most of their time in one class, with familiar staff, providing a nurturing, safe and supportive environment to help build self-esteem and confidence towards becoming independent learners. The focus during this time is to provide a strong foundation of skills, both social and academic. This ensures that pupils can access learning across the curriculum but also to be able to self-regulate their emotions to enable learning progress, ahead of their transition into the middle school learning environment.


Pupils transition to Middle School, which is a continuation of the work carried out in Lower School, with an increased level of expectation for independent learning, developing skills and preparation for exam studies for when they move into Upper School. English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and Enrichment are all taught by Middle School teachers, where pupils are taught in the same classroom. Other subjects taught include Art, Physical Education, Design Technology, RSHE, Religious Studies and Music, where pupils are taught by subject specialists.


Our mission is to prepare our pupils to be the best version of themselves, not just for today but for their futures too.



Pupils are taught by a range of subject specialist teachers; they work towards achieving nationally recognised qualifications ranging from Entry Level Certificate, Functional Skills, BTEC and GCSEs.


Regardless of our pupils’ previous experiences, we are child-centred and have designed a bespoke, ambitious and challenging curriculum to allow the pupils to develop their academic, social, emotional and moral potential. Moving forward we will be developing our pathways so that our pupils can take their place with confidence in the wider world, pursuing their interests and passions.

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