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Whole school event where pupils and staff walked for water to raise money for charity.





One of the principal values that underpins how we act as a community is the way we work together to help the less fortunate in a way that celebrates their human dignity.


At Christmas, every year, the St Edward’s family of parents, pupils and staff collect large amounts of non-perishable foodstuffs and assorted Christmas treats for the Trussell Trust, a nationwide organisation that helps families experiencing severe financial difficulty to feed themselves. In this, the second Christmas of the global pandemic we have a responsibility to work hard to help those experiencing hardship. We will be asking all members of the community to help collect as much as we can to fill at least three hampers of food which our boys will take to the Trussell Trust offices in Salisbury.


St Edwards's School Christmas Rainbow Day for disadvantaged children.

The spiritual approach followed by the school is one of its strengths. The focus is ‘to make good informed choices’ and this is shared with young people in a way that they engage in, identify with and understand.

Ofsted - November 2017


St Edward’s School is leading 31 other schools in the Diocese of Clifton in our Emmaus Partnership Project. Alongside the International Tree Foundation (ITF) we, at Emmaus, are committed to helping 23 primary and secondary schools in South West Uganda to install 12,000 litre ferro-concrete water harvesting tanks. These will provide essential drinking water as well as allowing the children of these schools to irrigate the tree nurseries that the ITF is going to fund. The Emmaus Project is helping to create sustainable economies in the 23 school communities by training children to plant, nurture and harvest native species fruit and medicinal trees. The children themselves will be responsible for helping their teachers, parents and peers create a means of breaking the cycle of poverty in their areas. This is not charity: it is all about empowering brothers and sisters in Uganda to achieve financial security in a Developmental Partnership of equals. We hope that all parents, staff and pupils will feel inspired to help achieve the target of bringing life changing water supplies to our friends.


Charity walk

"It is core to our purpose to teach our young people about the Common Good and encourage them to adopt a healthy approach to charitable giving."

Oak tree sapling
Oak sapling grow at school, ready for planting. This is to help the school move towards net zero emissions.

St Edward’s is not just an excellent school which enriches the academic lives of our pupils and staff: it is also a community that empowers our pupils to take an active role in helping to challenge the worst aspects of climate change and global poverty. We have planted over 1,500 trees on our grounds, constructed an oak-tree nursery of over 475 trees, begun to cultivate wild flower meadows, bring a Walled Garden back to life and cleared woodland. Through this work, we enable all involved to act as stewards for the beautiful environment we have been entrusted with.