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St Edward's School

Drone shot of the school multi-use games area.




St Edward’s is situated in a substantial park on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire. It benefits from extensive grounds, a wide selection of specialist buildings and workshops together with excellent sporting facilities.

The school provides an education and social care service during the school year. In addition to a full and varied curriculum, pupils can access specialist support services via The Bridge, a modern therapeutic space offering anger management coaching, psychotherapy, SALT (Speech & Language Therapy) and OT (Occupational Therapy).


Activities are designed to enable pupils to have fun, further their knowledge and skills, raise self-esteem, and improve their social skills.


The Bridge is a specialist provision within St Edward’s that has created a space outside of the wider school that can be accessed by pupils at any time during their academic journey.  It is a positive, empathic space where experienced therapists, support workers and teachers spend time with pupils on a one to one or small group basis addressing pupil need.



St Edward's has Eden, Lower School, Middle School

and Upper School pupils. 



The range of events and activities at St Edward's School is impressive for everyone. To ensure pupils receive a well-rounded education, they all take part in our extensive wider horizons programme with everything from motor bikes, fly fishing, sailing, metal detecting to field trips and cultural visits.

Our dedicated staff work tirelessly to develop interesting learning experiences which inspire and motivate our pupils. The wider horizons programme is designed to allow every pupil to find their niche, discover new talents and broaden their interests.




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