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St Edward's School





St Edward’s seeks to encourage each pupil’s physical, intellectual, spiritual and personal development within a Catholic setting.

We strive to ensure that each pupil:


•  fulfils their God given potential

•  communicates effectively

•  makes good academic progress

•  develops self-esteem and confidence

•  is prepared for the next stage of their educational journey


As a Catholic School in the Diocese of Clifton, we ensure our pupils are enriched spiritually by providing opportunities to engage in the mission of the school in a way that relates to the core values of Catholic Social Teaching. Pupils are encouraged to participate in activities that demonstrate a solidarity with staff and peers, both at home and abroad, in seeking to promote the Common Good. Pupils at St Edward's will take part in projects that demonstrate a clear regard for the poor, a consciousness of their role as environmental stewards and a willingness to work together to protect human dignity.

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