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At St Edward's, we aim to develop our pupils digital agency by encompassing a spectrum of competencies, including digital skills, digital literacy, digital competence, digital confidence, digital responsibility, digital autonomy, and digital accountability. It represents an individual's capacity to navigate, manage, and adjust to the demands of the digital world using the Internet of Things.

Parent Webinars

Cyber Choices for Parents & Carers

When: Feb 8, 2024 20:00 London

Parent Webinars

Cyber Choices for Parents & Carers

When: Feb 8, 2024 09:30 London

Parent Webinars

Cyber Choices for Parents & Carers

When: Feb 6, 2024 13:00 London

Impact of generative AI on children

Impact of generative AI on children


How to Stop People From Adding You to WhatsApp Groups on iPhone and Android

Anti-Bullying Week

Make A Noise About Bullying

Online Safety Bill

What is the Online Safety Bill

Online Safety News

If you are worried about your child or teenager using the internet, click the link below and read Young Minds guide which provides tips and advice for talking to your child about their use of social media and the internet.

NSPCC - Online Safety

The NSPCC offer advice on how to keep children safe and to navigate the online world. Click the link to learn more and find helpful digital landscape management strategies.

Keeping Children Safe Online


In today's digital age, where technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, the importance of online safety cannot be overstated. At St Edward's School, we recognise that our pupils are not only navigating the world in physical spaces but also in the vast and complex realm of the internet. As educators and guardians of their well-being, it is our paramount duty to instill in them the knowledge, skills, and awareness necessary to ensure their safety in the online environment.

The internet offers a wealth of opportunities for learning, communication, and personal growth, but it also presents significant challenges and risks. From cyberbullying and identity theft to exposure to inappropriate content and online predators, the digital landscape can be fraught with dangers for the unprepared. Therefore, fostering a culture of online safety at St Edward's School is not just a responsibility but a critical imperative.

In this era of constant connectivity, our pupils are more digitally aware than ever before, but they may lack the guidance needed to navigate the internet securely and responsibly. With this in mind, we have embarked on a mission to equip our pupils with the tools and knowledge required to protect themselves online, make informed choices, and harness the positive aspects of technology to their advantage.

This commitment to online safety extends beyond the classroom. It encompasses the collective efforts of teachers, parents, and pupils themselves, working together to create a safer digital world for our school community. Through education, awareness, and a proactive approach, we can empower our pupils to thrive in the digital age while staying safe, respectful, and responsible online.

Together, we will build a strong foundation for a safer and more secure online environment here at St Edward's School, ensuring that our pupils can fully embrace the opportunities of the digital age while safeguarding their well-being.

Ask The Awkward

Unsure where to start? CEOP introduction to Asking The Awkward helps you to prepare for regular conversations with your child about online relationships and related topics. It also offers advice on how to keep conversations positive and what to do if your child tells you something that worries you.

A parent and carers introduction to Asking The Awkward


Please contact us should you require any further advice or support about online safety and keeping children and young people safe.

UK Safer Internet Centre

As a parent or carer you play a key role in helping your child to stay safe online.

You don’t need to be an expert on the internet to help keep your child stay safe online. Our advice and resources are here to support you as you support your child to use the internet safely, responsibility and positively.

Helping children and young people stay safe online

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