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St Edward's School

Tournament Victory - St George's in our Sights

Our school football team impressively showcased their skill and teamwork, winning the national "Engage in Their Future" football competition at Muntham House School. Facing tough competition from seven other SEN schools nationwide, our team excelled with a flawless performance, achieving five victories and two draws without allowing any goals.

During the competition, our team demonstrated outstanding football skills and displayed exemplary conduct and fair play, proudly representing St Edward's. Their unity was apparent in each game, as they merged remarkable football abilities with effective communication, forming a solid team on the field.

This outstanding win has granted us the privilege of representing St Edward's School at the prestigious St George's Park, which serves as the training facility for the England National Football Teams. At this venue, we will compete against the strongest competitors from all over the UK, a test our pupils eagerly look forward to as they showcase their enthusiasm and commitment to the sport.

We are incredibly proud of the outstanding achievement of our pupils. Go St Edward's!

Learn more about St George's Park by watching the Film below or clicking the link.


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