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St Edward's School

Pupils Dive into the Magic of Booknic!

The captivating Booknic event at St Edward's put literature and creativity in the spotlight. Our pupils delved into the realm of stories, engaging in activities that breathed new life into books in thrilling ways.

The Hogwarts Express Cafe

Pupils enjoyed Harry Potter-themed activities while Mr Bazen’s animated readings from the beloved series captivated everyone’s imagination. Adding to the atmosphere, our BTEC Hospitality pupils served up delicious homemade brownies, flapjacks, and hot chocolate, transforming the café into a haven straight from the pages of J.K. Rowling’s World.

The Mystery of the Golden Gnome

Pupils embarked on a quest to uncover clues and solve the enigmatic puzzle, creating an engaging and interactive experience.

Simon Chadwick’s Cartoon Workshop

The professional illustrator guided pupils through the art of drawing cartoon faces, sparking joy and inspiring budding artists to bring their characters to life on paper.

Stories from the Great War

Transformed into a time machine by Mr Whelan and Rae Spacagna, the school museum provided a platform for pupils to explore historical stories, allowing them to gain a more profound insight into the past through personal accounts and artifacts.

The Silent Booko

A unique twist on the traditional silent disco. Pupils enjoyed their favourite stories in a shared yet tranquil environment, creating a peaceful harmony of silent storytelling.

Michael O’Leary

A professional storyteller whose vibrant tales and animated style mesmerised pupils. His session was a highlight, showcasing the timeless power of oral storytelling.

The Wimpy Cafe 

Run by our enterprising pupils served up a delightful array of smoothies and milkshakes. These refreshing treats were a hit, blending nutrition with flavour to energise everyone throughout the day while reading these classic novels.

Booknic at St Edward's was not just an event but a celebration of storytelling, creativity, and community. Our pupils’ enthusiasm and participation made the day successful, filling the air with the joy of reading and the spirit of discovery.


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