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St Edward's School

Image Theatre

St Edward's pupils welcomed the Image Theatre to participate in Oscar Wilde’s short story ‘The Selfish Giant’.  It is one of the most beautiful and moving tales ever written; it connects people of all cultures. By sharing the experience of the giant’s selfishness, then a moment of realisation and finally his redemption, children and adults alike are reminded of the value of generosity.


Pupils who participated in the production spent the first half hour rehearsing for their parts while the rest of the audience was taught the choruses of four songs. During the interval, the actors were costumed, and the show, lasting 1 hour, ran seamlessly with everyone taking part.

We were delighted with all the participation displayed by our pupils, whether they had an acting role or just sat for pleasure watching the performance. We look forward to welcoming the Image Theatre to our school for their next production, 'The Jungle Book'. 


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