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60 Years of Careers

St Edward's Celebrates 60 Years of Careers

To commemorate this milestone we have reflected on how much the landscape of careers has evolved over the past six decades. The journey has been transformative from the more traditional model of long-term employment to the dynamic and flexible nature of the gig economy today. The future of careers is undoubtedly influenced by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and automation, creating entirely new career paths. These innovations will create new professions and transform existing ones in ways we can't fully predict yet.

As we celebrate St Edward's 60 years of preparing students for the world of work, it's also a moment to look ahead with excitement and anticipation.  Amidst all this change, one thing remains constant: the importance of education in preparing individuals to adapt and thrive in the evolving job market. St Edward's commitment to providing students with a well-rounded education that equips them with knowledge and skills for the future is more crucial than ever.

St Edward’s: Nurturing Confidence, Shaping Futures, Transforming Lives 

At St Edward’s, we envision a transformative journey for our pupils, where life, learning, and work seamlessly converge into lifelong, fulfilling careers.  Committed to the holistic development of each pupil, our careers provision aims to empower them to embrace their unique strengths, surmount challenges, and confidently transition to the next phase of their journey. 

We aspire to break the limitations imposed by labels, fostering an environment where pupils recognise and harness their potential without being confined by preconceived notions.  Our goal is to equip them with the skills needed, ensuring that the narratives of the past do not overshadow the possibilities of the future.  We believe in a nurturing mindset where the pursuit of progress triumphs over the grip of fear. 

At St Edward's, we inspire our pupils to welcome the future with open arms, appreciating the boundless opportunities that youth presents as they embark on their careers. Our mission is to transform lives and cultivate lifelong ambassadors for our school's values. We envision our pupils making meaningful and positive contributions to their communities and society, exemplifying the enduring impact of a St Edward's education.


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