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St Edward's School

Walled Garden Project

Apple Orchard at St Edward's School

In our Walled Garden, adjacent to the Middle School classrooms, we have begun several important projects. To date, we have planted nearly 200 mixed hedgerow trees in the shape of a Cross. Hazel, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Purple Beech, Elder, Rowan, Dog-Rose and Maple trees will eventually create a low-level hedge that will comprise different colours at different times of the year and will be a feature that can be enjoyed by the whole community.

Biodiversity at St Edward's School

We have purchased 16 new apple trees which will be planted in a new cordon and it is hoped the juice can be used in our own kitchens with any surplus being sold to help finance our Water Project in Uganda. We are now planning to create a meditative labyrinth and a ‘food-forest’ walk around a central firepit, facilities that can be used by pupils and staff to help with well-being and emotional regulation.

Mr Stephen Whelan - Mission Ethos & Charity Lead


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