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St Edward's School

Amazing Science this Term

Terrarium workshop


This term, we ventured to the Terrarium shop nestled in Salisbury. Our morning was dedicated to the art of crafting our very own terrariums, all under the attentive guidance of the shop owner, John. With a blend of expertise and enthusiasm, John instilled expertise for miniature ecosystems into our group.

We meticulously constructed our terrariums and became deeply absorbed in our projects, marvelling at the intricate details and unique designs taking shape.

We left the shop with a profound sense of wonder and accomplishment. We proudly took home our mini-worlds, knowing they would require our ongoing care and attention. It was a truly enriching experience, inspiring us to nurture our new creations and continue exploring the fascinating world of terrariums.

Thruxton race circuit.


The sun shone brilliantly over Thruxton. With exceptional visibility, it was an ideal day to be at the race circuit. As we stepped onto the grounds, we were immediately captivated by the exotic cars at the venue. Upon reaching the welcome centre, we were greeted with a personal tour of the facility. Our guide led us to the pits, where we marvelled at the sleek machines set to race that day. Eagerly, we climbed into one of the race cars, experiencing first-hand the snug confines of the cockpit.

We watched the race cars push their limits around the track. Then, to our surprise, we were treated to a thrilling lap around the circuit with one of the racing coaches. The exhilarating ride left us excited as we safely returned to the pits.

What an unforgettable experience it was.



In celebration of our 60th anniversary, we embarked on a journey to delve into the intriguing world of a relatively recent discovery: Carbon 60 molecules. We constructed these remarkable molecules through hands-on experimentation.

After building these molecules, we then researched their names and their uses. Buckminsterfullerene or Bucky balls we learned is still being examined for the full potential of its uses.


A fun learning experience was had across the whole school.



This term, we culminated our collective learning with an excursion to Marwell Zoo. We witnessed first-hand the remarkable adaptations animals have developed over millennia. Every turn had various animals, environments and atmospheres for us to discover.

Our pupils exhibited exemplary behaviour and enthusiasm throughout the trip, serving as outstanding school community representatives.


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