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St Edward's School

Eden's Cultural Experience

Updated: Mar 15

Pupils from Eden are learning about architecture. The topic of building design and construction using Lego led our pupils to venture off into cultural Southampton to visit a Hindu and Sikh Temple.

They were invited to visit 'The Vedic Society Hindu Temple' and 'Singh Sabha Gurdwara'

These magnificent buildings harbour inspiring faith and design. Our pupils learnt why it is customary to remove their shoes as they entered a Hindu temple before joining the morning worship. Our pupils grew a deeper understanding of the Hindu faith from a Hindu priest. They learnt about the sound meaning 'Aum', a symbol representing a sacred sound, syllable, mantra, and an invocation in Hinduism and the different forms their God takes.

At the Sikh temple, they were joined by Amrit, our Assistant Head of Education. Our boys discovered the respect behind removing shoes, washing hands and covering their heads to show respect.

We were read from the great 'Guru Granth Sahib', the religious scripture of Sikhism. We were invited to join in with the sharing of food and allowed to eat the food prepared for us all as visitors to the Temple. It was lovely to see our boys joining in with this cultural experience and to show their thanks by washing and tidying up. 

Our boys were outstanding.

As a bonus, we visited the Lego store to find critical parts needed for our construction projects to build famous landmarks out of Lego.


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