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St Edward's School

Demolition at St Edward's School!

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

The autumn term was an exciting time for pupils and staff at St Edward’s School - Hampshire as demolition work began in preparation for a new Education Building.

Mr Graham Maher (Headmaster) and Mrs Sally Webb (Director of Development)  on day one of St Edward's School Passivhaus House Build.
St Edward's School Passivhaus House Build.

Day one of Passivhaus House Build.

The proposed site for building was fenced off and all sorts of machinery arrived. The Darwin team wasted no time and the old buildings came down with incredible speed. Once the site was cleared we discovered a few interesting artefacts- many old boots, comics and a toy motor launch! One of our Year 11 pupils, Cody, found a Silver Plated Cup whilst metal detecting.

Mr Rae Spacagna and Cody Day celebrating there find.
Metal Detecting on the demolition site.

The new building is to be a ‘Passivhaus Build’ and therefore carbon neutral. The foundations were laid with the emphasis on insulation, this took the form of what resembled giant lego blocks!

Darwin Group working in partnership with St Edward's School - Hampshire

Drone shot of the demolition site.

The next stage is the arrival of the modules for the actual build. Once these arrive, alongside the crane, the build will move with speed and there will be more interesting photos to follow!


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