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St Edward's School

Walk for Water

On the morning of Thursday, 13th July, almost the entire St Edward’s School community set off an 8½ mile hike across the open meadows and ridges to the north of the St Edward’s site. We passed through an area of outstanding natural beauty with long views towards the Isle of Wight in the south and across towards Winchester in the north.

At about 12.00, the school had a picnic lunch at the Dean Hill Barn, kindly made available to us by the local landowner. In the afternoon, we traversed Dean Hill over the site of the Royal Navy’s Cold War nuclear weapons bunkers and back to school, where the Catering Staff welcomed us back with a barbequed burger and an ice cream.

Many things made this a stand-out day for everyone who could participate. There was the impeccable behaviour of every single pupil, the determination of every school family member to complete the course and, above all, the warm sense of teamwork and community that has come to typify our school.

This walk was done to help raise money to put 4 x 20,000-litre water tanks in the Lubanda Islamic School in Uganda, a clear demonstration of solidarity with brothers and sisters in a school where children must walk 2.3 kilometres to draw water from a muddy stream. We will always allow our pupils and staff to demonstrate a clear option for the poor and the marginalised. Should you wish to help us create a better future for the children of Lubanda School, you can access the Just Giving page set up by St Edward's School.

We thank you for your continued support of such a worthy cause.

Mr Stephen Whelan

Mission & Ethos Lead

St Edward’s School


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