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Unlocking Chemical Marvels

A Safely Conducted and Maturely Executed Exploration in Our Year 9 Science Class!"

Diving into the fascinating world of chemistry, our focus this half-term revolves around the intriguing concept of 'products and reactants.' The spotlight is on our Year 9 classes as they explore chemical reactions. In our recent lesson, pupils engaged in the captivating experiment of reacting metals with acids, discovering what transpires during these interactions.

Contrary to the expectation of 'whizz and bang,' we discovered that some reactions unfold more subtly, demanding a discerning eye to see these slower reactions. This exploration is a crucial component of our Year 9 science curriculum. By the lesson's end, we triumphantly identified that magnesium exhibits a vigorous reaction with hydrochloric acid, forming magnesium chloride and hydrogen gas. Observing a discernible pattern, we discovered that all reacting metals produced chloride and hydrogen gas.

Despite the busy nature of the lesson, it was an immensely valuable experience. I am delighted to report that the experimentation was conducted with the utmost safety measures and a commendably mature attitude from our pupils.

Head of Science


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