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St Edward's School

The Melchet Cup

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The final week of last academic year saw the return of the annual Melchet Cup. A local 11 aside football team were welcomed to St Edward's School to face the united staff and pupil team!

Seven pupils had the chance to experience a very technical and fast paced football match. The visiting side started strong as St Edward's put on an excellent display of defending. Pupils and Staff demonstrated excellent teamwork, determination and communication skills to take the lead half way through the first half. This goal was met with celebration from a vast majority of staff on the side-lines who had come to show support. The visiting side kept advancing towards the St Edwards goal and just before half time managed to gain an equaliser.

St Edwards started very brightly in the second half and took the lead to make the score line 2-1. The visitors attacked the

St Edward's goal on multiple occasions but were denied time after time by James, the St Edward's goalkeeper.

Before the final whistle the visiting side scored an equaliser resulting in Penalties!

There were no hesitations in the raising of pupils hands when asked who would like to take a penalty. The week prior to the Melchet cup pupils previously learnt and discussed the emotions that the England players felt when participating in and losing a penalty shoot out during the Euros final. Every Pupil stepped up to the penalty spot full of confidence and with some outstanding goal and saves from our fantastic goalkeeper. St Edward's once again were victorious! Each pupil should be proud of their participation in the cup as they remarkably represented the school.

Mr Martyn Payne

Head of Physical Education

St Edward's School - Hampshire


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