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St Edward's School

Shakespeare’s Globe, London

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

There is simply no better place to fully appreciate the work of William Shakespeare than London’s Globe Theatre, and this October, four of St Edward’s year 11 pupils were able to experience the atmosphere of arguably the world’s most famous open-air stage first-hand.

An early departure would leave plenty of time to take in the cityscape from the edge of the Thames: St Paul’s Cathedral, MI5 HQ, Tower Bridge and The Shard, to name a few. The journey itself to our nation’s capital from our leafy Hampshire village was one to behold. Staff members were treated to a theological debate (GCSE RS homework), critiques of each other’s poetry for the school competition and discussions about Student Council manifestos for the upcoming election; a true reflection of the maturity that had made these 4 pupils so deserving of the trip.

A rich cultural capital experience cannot be done on an empty stomach, so a hearty lunch ensued soon after arriving (well done, Alex, on the extra-spicy chicken) before embarking on a pleasantly quiet underground journey into the city, which suited everyone’s sensory sensitivities (staff included).

Once there, we took our seats, looking down (quite literally) on the ‘groundlings’ and watched an extremely dark, intense but ‘relaxed production’ of The Scottish Play. Quite aside from the incredible acting, the interaction with the audience and the infiltration of the players into the crowd made for a uniquely immersive experience.

For some pupils, it was their first Shakespeare play; for others their first theatre experience and even their first time in London, but truly worth it. Lincoln, Joe, Hugh and Alex – you were great company and excellent ambassadors for the school. Thank you also to the Head of English, Mr Dyne, for organising the trip.

On his return from war, three strange men offer Macbeth the prospect of ultimate control. Desperate for a new future, he and his wife set out to make it a reality with devastating costs.

Following 2022’s ‘mesmerising’ ★★★★★ (WhatsOnStage) The Merchant of Venice in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Director Abigail Graham debuts in the Globe Theatre with Shakespeare’s epic tale, exploring the impact and exploitation of unexpressed grief.

One couple’s ruthless quest for power turns nature upside down as Shakespeare’s bloody tragedy Macbeth consumes the Globe Theatre in a ‘powerful… striking’ ★★★★ (The Guardian) production.

‘Stars, hide your fires. Let not light see my black and deep desires’

– Act I, scene 4


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