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St Edward's School

Symbolism and Traditions

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The pupils in Eden are engaged in a comprehensive study of Fashion and Careers. As a unique and enriching component of their learning experience, the curriculum has explored the diverse clothing styles associated with various faiths and the significance behind these choices.

To enhance their understanding, Eden recently hosted special guests, Ash and Amrit, who shared their insights into their respective faiths—Islam and Sikhism. This engaging session allowed our pupils to delve into the cultural and religious aspects of clothing, gaining a deeper appreciation for the symbolism and traditions woven into the fabric of these diverse belief systems.

During the interactive session, pupils had the opportunity to ask questions and actively participate in trying on different items of clothing and jewellery associated with Islam and Sikhism. This hands-on experience fostered a greater understanding of cultural diversity and provided a tangible connection to the traditions and values embedded in these faiths.


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