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St Edward's School

St Edward’s School celebrates ‘World Book Day.’

World Book Day celebrates books and reading observed in over 100 countries worldwide. It is an opportunity to promote the value of books and reading, especially among children and young people.

The day started with a fantastic assembly led by Mr McAdam, who dressed as a famous character from the children’s classic book ‘Charlie and Chocolate Factory.’ During the assembly, as a community, we explored and learnt about our favourite books that we had read. Throughout the day, stories were read to pupils during lessons, and the joy of books was celebrated. A Golden ticket was found during break time by Oscar. He received a book voucher for finding the only Golden ticket in school.

The primary goal of World Book Day is to encourage people to read more books, as reading has many benefits. Reading can improve literacy, enhance knowledge, stimulate creativity and imagination, and provide a sense of enjoyment and relaxation. Reading books also helps promote empathy and understanding, exposing readers to different perspectives, cultures, and ideas.

‘We Read to Know That We Are Not Alone’

C.S Lewis


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