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St Edward's School

St Edward's Readathon Sparks Literary Joy

A Day of Stories, Smiles, and Endless Possibilities!"

What an incredible day it was at St Edward's! The entire school celebrated the joy of reading during our much-anticipated Readathon. From lessons 1 to 6, our dedicated staff ignited our pupils' imaginations with a delightful mix of stories, poems, riddles, scripts, and songs.

The school echoed laughter and excitement as we delved into real-life adventure stories, thrilling tales, and heart-warming, silly anecdotes. It truly celebrated the diverse world of literature, uniting our school community in the magic that words can weave.

As we wrap up this unforgettable day, our heartfelt hope is that the inspiration ignited today will continue to burn brightly within each of our pupils. May they embark on countless literary adventures, exploring new worlds and finding solace, excitement, and wisdom within the pages of books. The journey into literature is lifelong, and we are confident that our pupils will carry the torch of curiosity and imagination with them, shaping a future enriched by the power of words.

"We read to know we are not alone."

C.S. Lewis


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