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St Edward's School

Revving Up for Thrills

The adrenaline-pumping sport of motocross activity season kicks off under the expert guidance of Coach Neil. With helmets donned, engines roaring, and a passion for speed,

St Edward's pupils are gearing up for an unforgettable season.

This high-octane sport is driven by the school's commitment to offering diverse and engaging experiences for our pupils.

Meet Neil: The Driving Force

At the heart of this motocross initiative is Coach Neil, a seasoned motocross expert with years of experience as a rider and a coach. His passion for the sport is infectious, and he's committed to instilling riding skills and a deep respect for safety and responsibility among our young riders.

Neil's coaching philosophy revolves around three fundamental principles:

  • Skill Development: building a solid foundation of riding skills. Whether a pupil is a complete beginner or an experienced rider, continuous improvement is always emphasised. From mastering the basics of balance and control to advanced techniques, every rider is allowed to grow.

  • Safety First: Motocross may be exhilarating, but safety is paramount. Neil ensures that all pupils are well-versed in the importance of protective gear, responsible riding, and adherence to safety guidelines. The goal is to enjoy the thrill of motocross while minimising risks.

  • Team Spirit: Motocross isn't just about individual performance; it's also about teamwork. Neil fosters a sense of camaraderie among riders, promoting mutual support and encouragement. The school's motocross team is not just a group of individuals; it's a community.

The start of the motocross activity season at St Edward's School promises an exciting journey filled with skill development, safety, teamwork, and thrilling races. The school's commitment to providing diverse extracurricular opportunities continues to enrich the lives of our pupils, and motocross is yet another testament to their dedication.


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