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St Edward's School

Outdoor Education Day

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

This term, our staff team organised the very first Outdoor Education Day at St. Edward’s School and luckily, Mother Nature was good to us and the inclement weather was kept at bay. That said, our pupils know that there is no such thing as bad weather - only inadequate clothing, and they were suitably attired and determined to show us their resilience!

Outdoor Education Day at St Edward's School - Hampshire

The benefits of being outdoors are immense and range from enhanced personal and social communication skills to improved mental and spiritual health. We are blessed at St. Edward’s to be surrounded by so much green space; indeed, 180 acres of beautiful Hampshire countryside and our pupils took full advantage of that. Our own staff worked hard to organise different outdoor lessons, which were based around creativity, orienteering, problem solving and teamwork.

It may have been our first, but it certainly will not be our last.


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