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St Edward's School

Modern Foreign Languages Day

This half term, we celebrated Modern Foreign Languages Day and this time around, Japanese was our focus. We ventured off timetable to give pupils the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture, but most importantly, the language of Japan.

Japanese themed lunch!

There was an interactive Geography quiz as pupils followed clues around Middle School, a Japanese conversation class, an opportunity to make your own gyoza (dumplings), a whole school Japanese art project, a Kabuki theatre workshop and a chance to try one’s hand at baseball - one of Japan’s national sports.

Baseball - one of Japan’s national sports.

To maintain our expectations of behaviour, but to venture away from our usual routines for special whole school events such as MFL Day, is to give our pupils the message that they are resilient enough, that we do trust them, that we’re willing to go above and beyond to manage risk and expose them to the opportunities that every other child in the country is deserving of, although we very much doubt that there are many children in the country who ate as handsomely as ours did during our amazing Japanese themed lunch!

Kabuki theatre workshop

We were immensely proud of the manner in which pupils managed themselves, let go of their inhibitions and tried many new experiences. Sayonara for now and arigato to everyone who made the day so successful.

Make your own gyoza (dumplings)


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