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At St Edward's School, modern foreign languages day is an important event where pupils get to celebrate different cultures and languages from around the world. This year, the focus was on Greek culture and Greece, and the day was full of exciting activities and learning opportunities.

Various workshops and activities helped pupils to explore different aspects of Greek culture. These included learning about Greek mythology and the gods and goddesses, Greek language lessons, Drama, Art and Craft, Geography, Cooking, the Olympics and Careers. Pupils were fascinated by the stories of the ancient gods and goddesses. They learned about well-known figures from Greek mythology and were able to ask questions and share their own thoughts and interpretations.

The Greek language lesson was also a hit, as pupils had the opportunity to learn basic Greek phrases and practice their pronunciation. This was a great way to introduce pupils to a new language and help them appreciate the importance of language learning in our world. Overall, the modern foreign languages day at St Edward's School was a huge success, and the pupils had a fantastic day. It was a great way to promote language learning and cultural awareness and to help pupils appreciate the richness and diversity of our world. We look forward to next year's event, where we will celebrate another culture and language from around the world.


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