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St Edward's School

Mental Health Awareness Week

At St Edward's School, we are celebrating 'Mental Health Awareness Week' by exploring #ToHelpMyAnxiety

In today's fast-paced and high-pressure world, the significance of mental well-being and positive brain health cannot be overstated. Educating young minds about maintaining a healthy mind has become increasingly recognised. Among the numerous approaches to fostering positive brain health, the transformative power of theatre stands out.

Today we welcomed 'Theatre For Life' at St Edward's School. Through their unique ability to engage, inspire, and empower, theatre has emerged as an effective tool for educating pupils about the understanding and cultivation of positive brain health.

Our pupils participated in workshops delivered by the 'Theatre For Life' project ‘Your Brain Explained’ aimed at supporting young people aged 11-25 in Portsmouth and Southampton to develop a dynamic understanding of positive brain health through workshops and a brand new theatre production.

Theatre For Life engaged our pupils using drama and neuroscience workshops in their immersive and interactive light-up brain dome. Our pupils learnt how the brain functions, can grow and expand (i.e. mental health recovery) and the effects of positive VS negative lifestyle choices.


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