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"Lest we Forget."

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

In March 1944, the Japanese 15th Army attacked the Allied troops stationed in Kohima and Imphal in northeast India with intent to prevent an attack on Burma.

Reaching Kohima during April 1944, the Japanese 15th Army occupied a strategic location on Garrison Hill and continually attacked a small contingent of the Commonwealth forces, which successfully held their ground until reinforcements were brought in. At one point, only the tennis court separated the two armies.

This battle was important for two reasons. Firstly, if Kohima had been lost, India could have fallen to the Japanese. The courage of Kohima’s small garrison saved the Far East and India from the Japanese advance.

This week the whole school took part in our annual Remembrance Assembly. A large Poppy template was created so that pupils and staff could pay their respects by placing a Poppy to create a powerful image of remembrance. Members of our community shared their own stories of fallen family members and friends who were lost in conflict. This was a real example of how our community comes together to remember others.

Of far greater significance is the cemetery to be found on the site. 1,420 men are buried there. Christian, Hindu and Sikh soldiers lie alongside men who had no faith, yet all united by their courage and a willingness to serve their countries. There is no discrimination among the dead; no false differences of colour, faith, sexual orientation or identity.

One simple verse unites them all:

“For your tomorrow, we gave our today”


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