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St Edward's School

Kick-off for a Cause

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

To give back to society and make a positive impact, pupils and staff at St Edward's organised an ambitious all-day charity football match. The goal was to showcase sporting prowess and use their passion for football to support the Emmaus Project to raise funds to build 4 x 20,000-litre water harvesting tanks in the Lubanda Islamic school as a gesture of solidarity with Moslem brothers and sisters.

“The power of unity served the all-day charity football match as a unifying force, bringing together pupils, teachers, and wider community members.”

Sporting spirit was displayed from the early morning kick-off until the final whistle. Football was a spectacle of extraordinary skill, passion, and sheer determination. The matches were fiercely contested, and the air was thick with electric energy. Goals were celebrated, and close calls were met with sighs of relief. But beyond the excitement, a sense of purpose permeated the air—a shared understanding that every sprint, pass, and shot contributed to the greater good.

St Edward's School's all-day charity football match was more than just a game; it was a rallying cry for unity, compassion, and community engagement. Our pupils and staff demonstrated their incredible potential to impact the world positively through their love for football.

Learn more about the Emmaus Project by clicking the link below. All donations and contributions will be greatly received and will positively impact the lives of those in need.


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