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History Restored

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

This model is the Bluebird K3 made by Sutcliffe toys. The original K3 was driven by Sir Malcolm Campbell and was powered by a Rolls Royce R Type V12 engine. On the 1st September 1937, at Lake Maggiore on the border between Switzerland and Italy, K3 set a record of 126.32 mph, breaking Gar Wood's previous 5-year-old record. The next day K3 improved this to 129.9 mph which was the final result and a New world record. This model is the Bluebird K3 made by Sutcliffe toys.

This Sutcliffe, clockwork model of the Bluebird K3, was found in the rubble of the old Games room, that was recently demolished to make way for the New school extension. It was restored over a three-week period, at the weekends by Mr Rae Spacagna who is a member of the Pastoral Care team. The model was taken completely apart, straightened and repaired before it was soldered back together and repainted. It will be displayed in the school as part of the schools ‘living History.’

St Edward's School - Hampshire


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