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St Edward's School

Diwali - Festival of Light

Staff and pupils enthusiastically joined in with the fun-filled Diwali celebrations at St Edward’s school, making it a festive experience for everyone. The day began with Thought for the Day, where pupils were taught the story behind why Sikhs and Hindus celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights. Everyone joined in by lighting a candle which symbolised good overcoming evil, and light overcoming dark.

The pupils learnt how to play a traditional Punjabi drum called a Dhol which was delivered by a professional and very talented “Dholi”, Tony. Pupils understood the universal language of the dhol from the sounds, beat and rhythm, the dagga and tilli (the drum sticks), dha na ge na (a traditional verbal representation of the beat). Throughout the day, we took a musical journey across the world, replicating and even mixing beats from bhangra, rock, drum and bass, african beats and many more.

Not only did pupils learn to play the dhol in a very short amount of time, but they also learnt the origins of the instrument. It was a great opportunity to discuss mental health with the pupils, as they recognised and practiced the psychological benefits of playing the dhol, ending with a banging blast, empowering them to have an emotional and physical release, leaving them with great smiles of satisfaction. Happy Diwali everyone.


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