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St Edward's School

Careers Week 2023

St Edward's School recently celebrated Careers Week, a time dedicated to helping pupils explore their future career options and learn about their different pathways. The week was filled with exciting activities and events designed to inspire and educate students about the world of work.

Highlights of the week were a series of talks from professionals in various fields, including the Ambulance Service, Sport (Para Olympian, Liz Johnson), RNLI, Roofing Matters (Daryl Cooke, Nicky Cooke and Lloyd Moss), Computing (IBM), and finance. The speakers shared their experiences and advised pupils on how to succeed in their chosen careers. Pupils were able to ask questions and gain valuable insights into different industries. In addition to the talks, workshops and interactive sessions allowed pupils to learn more about specific careers.

We were joined by our most recent former pupil (Ben), who is now studying for a film and media studies degree at university. He talked to the school during an enrichment assembly and shared his experiences working towards his GCSEs before journeying towards higher education.

Throughout the week, pupils were encouraged to reflect on their interests and strengths and consider how these might relate to different career paths. They were given resources to help them research various industries and careers and were encouraged to start thinking about their future plans.


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