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St Edward's School

A Day of Discovery

Eden Pupils Discover the Diversity of Jobs in Salisbury

Pupils of Eden embarked on an exciting journey to explore a kaleidoscope of professions in the bustling hub of Salisbury. This immersive experience went beyond observation as our boys actively engaged with professionals from various fields, peeling back the layers of their roles and responsibilities.

From the fast-paced world of Primark, where they uncovered the secrets of being a shop assistant, to the refined atmosphere of Moss Bros, where they learnt about the intricacies of suit fitting, each encounter was a gateway to a world of knowledge.

At Moss Bros, our pupils admired the exquisite craftsmanship of suits and gained insights into the art of selecting the perfect suit for distinct occasions.

The group engaged with a tattooist, a banker, a fishmonger, and even a waiter at a local restaurant. These interactions weren't just casual exchanges; our pupils delved deep into the heart of each profession, questioning the skills required behind each career.

We are overjoyed to see our pupils' genuine curiosity and enthusiasm. They absorbed valuable lessons about diverse job roles and emerged as exemplary advocates for our school, showcasing impeccable behaviour throughout.


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